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Elizabeth was born in Ireland, studied in London. She married Rene Graetz, a German artist, and 1946 they moved to East Berlin. In the GDR she was very well-known. Children and grown-ups both liked her. Her work of art was exhibited in Berlin, London, Munich, Belfast among other places. Perhaps you have a look at her children's books, which are published in 13 languages. O'Brien (Ireland)published "The Little Black Sheep" very successfully in 9 countries.
She is author and illustrator of more than 23 children's books, but also made the drawings for books from Mark Twain, Bertolt Brecht, Astrid Lindgren and others. Very popular are her portraits of Bertolt Brecht. She got several awards, including the Käthe-Kollwitz-Award from the Academy of Art, Berlin.