Tortoise has a Birthday
Die Schildkröte hat Geburtstag
Der KinderbuchVerlagVerlagsgruppe BELTZ

This story tells you how presents should be chosen
to suit the reievers, not the giver.
This story is very popular and often tranclated.

It was Tortoise's birthday. When he awoke in bright daylight he thought to himself: "It's my birthday today. I wonder if I will get any presents? What I would really like is a large, green, juicy lettuce! I hope someone thinks of it.""It was kind of my friends to visit me and bring me so many presents. But I would have so much liked a very small lettuce. Perhaps next year... " A tear rolled down his cheek. Suddenly he heard a small voice. "Tortoise! Are you still awake?" It was Mouse, with a large parcel. "Many happy returns of the day!" she squeaked. I'm afraid I am rather late, but the parcel was so heavy to push." "What can it be?" cried Tortoise.

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