Mary Shaw
Biography Elizabeth Shaw
Family Shaw in the Portstreet

Georg William Shaw

4. May 1920

born in Belfast, Ireland


her family moves to Bedford, England

1938 - 1940

she studies art at the Chelsea School of Art, London

René 1957

1940 - 1944

military service as mechanic in London's telephone centres


first publications in "0ur Time"


she marries René Graetz, a German sculptor and painter

1944 - 1946

freelance graphic artist


they move to Berlin, Germany, ES starts working for Ulenspiegel, Frischer Wind, Vorwärts and Aufbau Verlag

Elizabeth 1955


daughter Anne and 1950 son Patrick are born


cartoonist for Neues Deutschland for a few years


illustrations for Brecht's poems

ab 1962

"Das Magazin" published a series of drawings and verses (Berta Waterstradt of places in the GDR and other socialist countries

1962 - 1992

she wrote and illustrated her first own children's book-
"Der kleine Angsthase"
, 24 titles followed until 1991

The timid rabbit


starts drawing landscapes, interieurs etc.

1963 - 1991

travels to Soviet Union, Bulgaria, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, US, Tanzania and France

Elizabeth, Rene´+ Katrin (Enkelin)


René Graetz dies


she starts writing her memoirs "Irish Berlin"

27. June 1992

dies in Berlin, her ashes are scattered into the Irish Sea, a memorial plate is placed on the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof in Berlin